Marshall County Jail

If you are interested in bonding an inmate out of jail, please follow the following procedures.

  1. If the bond amount is less than $1000.00, one property owner will be required to sign the Consolidated Bond.
  2. If the bond amount is $1000.00 or greater, at least two property owners will be required.
  3. Each Criminal Charge will require a separate Consolidated Bond.
  4. When using two or more property owners, both parties must own real property in the same county.
  5. Once you have exceeded the total amount of your real property-you can not sign any further Consolidated Bonds until you have been duly exonerated by the District or Circuit Courts.

You can not sign a Consolidated Bond if the following circumstances exists:

  1. 1.If you are currently under bond.
  2. If you have signed more than 3 Consolidated Bonds within one year.
  3. If your real property value has been exceeded on a Consolidated Bond.

CAUTION: When you sign a Consolidated Bond, it is agreed that it is a continuing bond, which shall continue in full force and effect until such time as the real property owner is duly exonerated. If the inmate you bond out of jail fails to appear to any scheduled appearance(s), the real property owner will be held responsible for the total amount of the bond(s).